About BobbyTemplates

Hi there! My name is Bobby. Founder/owner of BobbyTemplates.
I guess the name explains itself, but there is more to it! Just bare with me on the one.

The original idea was to just sell motion graphic templates in my webshop. When BobbyTemplates just kicked off, I got different requests to do some custom design work and to work on promotional videos for companies. So from that moment on I decided to widen the range of services to provide.

All the graphic content is created and/or edited with Adobe CC 2015 and several third party plug-ins when necessary.

BobbyTemplates can provide the following services:

  • Motion graphic templates
  • Customized motion graphic design
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Promotional videos

The website and webshop will constantly be updated with new products and portfolio items. So if there is nothing on the site that suits your idea at this moment, it might be worth your time to come back in a little while.

Are you in a hurry and you can’t wait? Please contact me and check out the possibilities!